Afghanistan Election Data

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Valid votes

The total number of valid votes reported in the final IEC certified results released on November 24, 2010.

Male / Female
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Male / Female

Each voting station in the election serves one of the three demographics: men, women, and Kuchi voters. The Kuchi, Afghanistan's nomadic tribes, vote for separate candidates in the elections. Kuchi candidates and election results can be found in a separate section of this site.

Ballot distribution
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Ballot distribution

These histograms show the number of stations receiving full voting to the right and almost no voting to the left. Each bar represents the number of stations receiving a certain amount of votes. For example, an area with high participation will have more tall bars to the right while an area with low participation will be heavy to the left.

Total Total 1976 1,976 60.0% / 40.0%
406072 406072 380 380 57.9% / 42.1%
406073 406073 1379 1,379 70.0% / 30.0%
406082 406082 217 217 0.0% / 100.0%